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Worldwide Sanatana Dharma Community
Yogis for Peace
Calendar Veda Loka
20 July
2024 year

5121 years of Kali Yuga,
28th Mahayuga
7th Manvantara
The era of Manu Vaivasvata
boar Kalpa
first day of 51 years
of the great
Worldwide Sanatana Dharma Community / Projects / World International Meditation

World International Meditation

«Meditation on friendliness, charity, joy, equanimity, friendliness to the happy, compassion to the unfortunate, admiration ».

Rishi Patanjali's "Yoga Sutra" shl. 1.33

More than twenty years everyday at the end of the collective practice Bhajan Mandala practice, approximately from 21:30 to 21:40 Kyiv time (on Cht. from 17:50 to 18:00), monks and lay disciples, followers of Master Sri Guru Swami Vishnudevananda Giri, conduct collective 5-10 minute meditations of the Four Brahma-viharas (Infinite States of Brahma), radiating into the surrounding world the Light of the Supreme Self, which manifests as love, compassion, joy, harmony and tranquility.

If many people participate in meditation simultaneously, even such a small meditation has great harmonizing power.

In connection with the events that happened in Ukraine on February 24, we offer a more extended pacifying practice (Shanti Karma), which includes, in addition to the meditation of love, also pacifying mantras:

The peaceful practice is performed at 6:00, 12:00, 18:00 or any other time convenient for you.


We believe that this kind of collective meditation can help:

to harmonize the weather, the elements of the virtuous, equanimity to the wicked pacify the chitta."

nts of nature and the state of the five elements in the surrounding world,

to increase the total life expectancy,

to increase prosperity, harmony, wisdom,

to fulfill desires,

to awake the creative forces and the best qualities of people,

to decrease crime,

to alleviate mankind problems,

to reduce diseases and psychological disorders,

to decrease the number of accidents,

to weaken the negative influence of planets and harmful forces.

Meditating simultaneously, strengthening the collective resonance of minds and hearts, we can change the world for the better, make it more beautiful, cleaner, kinder, wiser and joyful!

The world can become different, thanks to our meditation!

We invite you to participate in this universal meditation of infinite states of love, compassion, joy and peace.

"The goals of our own spiritual practice go far beyond our individual personality.

It is the universal welfare of all humanity (loka-sangraha) and the universal Enlightenment and Enlightenment of Humanity (arruppadai), the enlightenment and Liberation from suffering of all beings in all dimensions.

This is so because we are inseparable from all humanity and the universe, we are part of the great Universe, the Mega Mind (Brahman), the One Consciousness, the greater whole, just as a cell is always part of a finger, a finger is part of a hand, and a hand is part of a body.

We need to realize, accept this fact and move from the narrow vision of self as ego to the vision of universal Oneness.

We are one with the Universe, all of humanity, we are part of it.

This is the axiom of the Advaita Vedanta teachings, affirmed by the great gods and saints: Shiva, Dattatreya, Vasishtha, Shankara in their instructions and scriptures."

From Swami Vishnudevananda Giri's 2010 lectures

Из лекций Свами Вишнудевананда Гири 2010 года

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